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                                          T o All Of Our Customers  Near and Far
             I would like to take this time to let all of you know that the time has come for my retirement from Beach Plum Motor Lodge and that I have sold my property.  After having been here for 44 years, and after having done a lot of soul searching, I realized that it was time for me to hang up my hat, and move on to my next chapter. For as bitteraweet as this is,  there is no doubt in my mind that this was the best decision that I could have ever made, because it was time. 
My career here at Beach Plum has been so incredibly rewarding and I loved every minute of it. To think that my mom and I started this little haven 44 years ago, just doesn't seem possible, and I keep on asking myself, "Where have these years gone?" It's been a blink of an eye and it goes without say, that the reason for this is because, we so thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. The people that we met from all over the world and from all walks of life throughout these past years, was a gift to us, and the memories that we have made will remain in my heart forever!  
Even though all of this is rather bittersweet, I'm looking forward to the next chapter of my life and I'm really excited about it. I want to thank all of you for your loyalty and for having contributed in making so many wonderful memories at a place that ended up being "Home Away From Home" to so many of you. 
I will miss all of you and once again want to thank you for the memories that you have given us.

With Gratitude,

                                                 "A Unique Cape Cod Vacation!"

                                                             How It All Began!
It all started back in September of 1978, when this Dynamic Duo came to Cape Cod on vacation from California for two weeks, fell in love with it, and never left! After four or five days, "Ma's" passion and obsession for real estate kicked in, and she wanted  to go and see what was on the market, even though we didn't have two pennies to rub together! Not only that, but in December of 1978, we were supposed to go to Switzerland, because I was supposed to go to the University of Geneva and basically finish school there! We really had no business exploring the area, and thinking of being potential buyers! Well, I was wrong thinking like this, because before I knew it, Ma decided to turn our lives upside down, and we had to make the decision within 24 hours on whether or not we were going to buy Beach Plum Motor Lodge!!! Now, Ma was a high fashion seamstress from Rome, and I was going to be an interpreter! What in the world were we doing buying a motel on the other side of the country!?!?? Well, when Ma was set on something, there was no turning back! The deal was done!

Ma flew back to California to sell our house, and I stayed here to hold down the fort! Switzerland, of course, had just become a distant thought of the past! On December 27, 1978, we had become the proud owners of Beach Plum Motor Lodge! After finally selling our house out west, and gathering all of our belongings together, Ma flew back on March 19, 1979, to make Cape Cod our new home! And boy oh boy, did we take Eastham by storm! They didn't know what hit them!

About 3 days after Ma had arrived, I looked at her and asked, "Ok, Now what? What are we going to do with a motel???" Being the little Italian lady that she was, this wasn't a problem to her! She always believed that the way to people's hearts was through their stomachs, and because of this, we were going to serve all home-made Italian meals to our guests! Everything was going to be fresh and made to order, and everybody was going to love it! And was she ever right! She was in her for everybody and playing out in the gardens with her flowers...her two other passions and obsessions by the way!! Life was good!  Those dinners really became a hit, and slowly but surely the word got out!  As the years went by, our clientele grew and we started having a following from all over the world.

Unfortunately, it was the year of 1992, when Ma started with progressive dementia,   the dinners had to come to a halt. She battled with this for 7 solid years, but even so she was still a huge part of Beach Plum. Everyone loved her, because you couldn't help but to love her! She was full of life, and she was always HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY! Her unique English, her incredible charm and animated ways made her that unforgettable character, that once you met, you could never forget her! Ma died quietly at home, November 22, 1999. Even though she is terribly missed, her legacy lives on, and she'll always be here with us! There's no doubt that Ma is watching over Beach Plum and smiling, but also making sure that that Italian hospitality is still going strong! It's because of this that after 42 years of making Beach Plum "Your Home Away From Home", we have the following that we do, and today we have our 4th generation coming through!  
                                                  Now, That's-a Nice-a!
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